Monday, June 17, 2013

A Little Bit of My Heart

 Dear Raffi,

It's been a little over a week since I dropped you and your mom off at O'Hare, and I'm still not used to you being gone.  I keep expecting to see your big smile and hear your gorgeous laugh.  Your bed has been taken down and your room is empty, but I haven't had the heart to fill it back up.
I hate goodbyes.  I always feel like no matter how I prepare my mind and heart for them, I am never ready when the time comes.  I keep thinking of things I wished I'd said before you left, but somehow I know that you already know them.  I know you know how much I love you.  I know you know how glad I am that you were part of our lives for the last year.  I know you know that you have a permanent place in my heart.  I know that you know I will always be here for you if you ever need anything.  You know these things, right?
I have learned so much from you this past year.  I loved seeing things through your eyes, and I loved your perspective on life.  I loved how excited you got over the small things, like an unexpected Chai Latte.  I will forever think of you when I eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, see someone wearing sweatpants (so American!), or hear the word, "SOUP!" I will miss your competitive spirit (Who, me?  I'm not competitive at all!) and watching you on the lacrosse field.   You have definitely left footprints on my heart.

Don't ever lose your zest for life, Raffi-girl.

I'm so glad our paths have crossed.

Until we see each other again,



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