About Me

Hello there!  I'm so glad you stopped by!  My name is Vicki, and Joyful Whimsy is where I record all of life's happy moments. At Joyful Whimsy, you'll find stories about my family, details on my creative projects, yummy recipes, and a book review or two.  Feel free to look around and leave me a comment (I love comments!).

A little about me...I am happily married to John (best decision I ever made) and mom to three super-fabulous kiddos: Emily, Madeline and Jack. I’m a daughter, sister, friend, teacher, coach, swimmer, triathlete, book-lover, dog-owner, and proud University of Illinois graduate. I’m a lover of CrossFit, camping, baking, writing, paper, spending time with good friends, letters written by hand, antiquing, poking around in cute out-of-the-way towns, and having good conversations in quiet places. I love laughing loud and hard. I dream of owning a cute cabin on a lake, writing a book, and teaching at a university. I am passionate, loyal and strong. I am a Christian and try to live my life accordingly. I know I am blessed.