Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Peek At Emily in London

 Hi Friends!

I'm just as excited to see Emily having fun in London this week as I was to see Maddie having fun in Paris last week!  Emily's spending her Spring Break "studying" in London--she's actually earning a college credit for her time there.  So far, she hasn't posted any pictures of her doing any school work, though. : )
Emily's trip is very different than Maddie's.   Emily is in London on a student visa, not part of a tour group.  That means that when she's not doing academic work, she and her friends are able to do anything they want.
Before she left, Emily planned an extensive tourist guide for herself (of course she did!) filled with all the things she wanted to do and see during her time in London.  She even squeezed in a trip to see Stonehenge:
She not only planned out the things she wanted to do, she planned out how she was going to get there and everything.  I'm so impressed!  : )
She said it's been pretty rainy so far, but there was a bit of sun the other day.  I love this blue sky photo she posted:
And this photo looks like an old-time postcard:
Hooray for studying abroad and new adventures and making new friends in far away places.


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