Monday, November 11, 2013

Yale Called

Hi Friends and Family,

Excuse me as I freak out a little bit here.  

If you've been reading Joyful Whimsy for the past six months, then you know that my firstborn, Emily, is busy applying to colleges and making plans for her (bright) future.  Emily pretty much came out of the womb with a calculator in one hand and three different planners in the other. She is extremely self-motivated, and she's one smart cookie.  This whole college-search process has been nothing short of delightful.  I am trying not to live vicariously through her, but I can't lie--I'm loving the fact that she has put herself in a position where big-time schools are wooing her.  You probably remember that Harvard invited her to apply (she did not want to go to Harvard), and Arizona State offered to fly her down to check out their honors college (she is not interested in Arizona State).  But Yale, Yale made her Top 10, and she went ahead and applied to Yale. Yesterday Yale called.  Yale called our house!  There is an actual message on my answering machine from Yale!  They are sending someone to the area to interview Emily on December 2nd.  I am kind of freaking out, but mostly I'm just so darn happy for her.  She has worked so hard for this moment.  No matter where she ends up, I hope she always knows how proud I am of her. 


PS  Yale!!!!!

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  1. YALE!!! I spent the whole morning bragging about the call from Yale to anyone who would listen! thank you sweet Emily for making me the proudest Auntie! in the world!