Monday, August 15, 2011

Super-Easy Back to School Craft//Backpack Tags

Hi Friends!
Looking for a super-easy back-to-school project to do with your kiddos?  These backpack tags are just the thing!  What kiddo wouldn't want to sport their very own handmade tag hanging from their backpack this fall?  : ) 

Yesterday was our annual neighborhood block party, and I was asked me to come up with an easy kids craft.  These tags are about as easy as it gets.  All you need is some cut-up cardstock, self-sealing laminating sheets (I found mine at Target), a hole punch, scissors, 1-inch rings (40 for $5 at Office Max) and colored pencils, markers and crayons.  I also brought some ribbon scraps for the kids to tie around the rings.

The kids had lots of fun decorating their tags.  We had a whole variety of designs.
Sam spent forever making his "Luigi" tag--isn't it awesome?

Check out all the awesomeness:

After making tags, the kids zipped over to play on the huge inflatable maze:

And they ate all kinds of yummy treats:

There was no shortage of adorable neighborhood kids:

Check out the cute banner they made:

I brought down all the leftover squirt guns from the reunion.  They were a HUGE hit!!

Even with the big kids:

John stayed busy at the grill with the guys while kids chased me with their water guns.  : )

And a good time was had by all!

I love my neighborhood!



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  1. love the tags! what a great neighborhood party!

  2. Wow! So much fun! Love the easy craft idea, but I wish I could have partied with you guys :) I'm going to have to get crafty with my daughter and have her make a backpack tag. Lovely idea!

  3. that is a GREAT idea for the kids! I'm sure my kids would love to do that. We've got a birthday party coming up - I'm thinking this would be great as a gift tag and have my kids create them. Love your pictures :)