Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keeping Humble

Hi Friends,

I have a long-standing joke with my kids about what they can and can't bring up in future therapy sessions.  I'm working on the theory that if I joke about my many short-comings as a mom while they are growing up, they'll have nothing to complain about later.  Sounds reasonable, right?  : )

Example #1:  One time I dropped Emily off at school on a day there was no school.  Some teacher found her sitting at her desk, notebook and pencil at the ready.  The startled teacher brought her down to the office so they could call me to come pick her up.  Uh-huh.  That happened.

Example #2:  One time I left a swim practice (where I was the coach), and made it about 3/4 of the way home before I realized I had left Emily at the pool.  Yup.  That happened, too.

Example #3:  One time I forgot to pick Maddie and Jack up after school.  I was on the other side of the universe picking Emily up when I got the call from the school about the other two.  I was 45 minutes late to pick them up.  When I arrived, they were huddled up together like survivors of a shipwreck, clinging to each other for safety.

Should I go on?

Because I can...

My kids never let me forget these events.  They find every possible excuse to work one or all of these stories into a conversation as often as possible.  Complete strangers know these stories.  Usually I just smile and nod while the strangers click their tongues and say, "Oh, dear!  That must have been horrible for you!  Bless your heart!  And you were only in second grade? " 

Just about the time when I'm feeling like I've got it all together, another incident gets added to the list. 

Which what today's post is all about.  Today I forgot to bring Jack to his GT enrichment program. 

And I'm on the steering committee for the GT program.  


I had to go over to Jack's school, talk to the secretary and  the principal, pull Jack out of class and drive him over to where the program is being held.  Of course, when we arrived, there was a flurry of other steering committee people there to greet me (of course!).  Oh, and Emily's best friend, Haley, was also there volunteering from the high school (just in case I thought I could get away with not telling Emily).  : )


Did I mention that I had not yet showered:  glasses, messy ponytail, rubber shoes?

I'm pretty sure this is God's way of keeping me humble. 

I'm also pretty sure I'm taking Jack out to lunch today.  : )





  1. Trust me, they know their Mom is super cool. Hey, I do, and I'm just a blog reader! Grin and Bear It, because if we don't...we may just sit down and cry.

  2. It is comforting to hear that we are all not super-woman. I have been humbled the past few weeks or so. I love this post and the photo at the beginning just makes it. Here's to accepting God's way of keeping us humble! :)