Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lessons Learned

The ones who seem the most unlovable need the most love.
Humor helps smooth over the pain of grammar.
Sometimes you have to be tough.
Sometimes after you're tough, you'll feel bad.
Most of the time, being tough is exactly what they needed.
Teaching accountability is almost as important as teaching grammar or flip turns.
Recognizing effort is important.
Remembering that people have lives outside of the classroom or pool is important, too.
Sometimes I'll be the only one who sees potential.
It is my job to look for potential.
Appreciating the people who make my job easier is vital.
Sometimes finding a positive is hard. 
There's always a positive.
It is important to greet to each and every person;  even if they don't say "Hi" back.
Everyone needs someone who believes in them.
90% of my job is helping others to believe in themselves and their abilities.
Don't fake it.
If you have to fake it, be convincing.
If you mess up, take responsibility.
I'd rather be remembered as the one who cared than the one who was always right.
What I say and how I say it matters.
Sometimes what they take away from a workout or a class will have absolutely nothing to do with what was on the lesson plan.
Sometimes you need to abandon the lesson plan or workout and meet people where they are.
Kindness wins.
I am in control of creating my own legacy. 



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  1. Very true to ALL you wrote! I like your cute picture you shared too :)
    have a great day!