Monday, February 4, 2013

I Choose {February 2013}

Hi Friends!

And just like that, it's February 4th!!  January kind of flew by, which I guess was a good thing, since John was gone for most of it--crawling by at a snail's pace would have been worse, for sure.  A new month means new goals.  But first, here's a look at how I did in January:

In {January} I Choose to…
Unsubscribe from emails from stores.  (Less temptation &  impulse on-line buying)  I did fantastic with this.  And I now receive about 70% less e-mail.  Double bonus.  The only on-line purchase I did in January was for Project Life, and that was pre-planned.
No clothing, shoe, or unnecessary purchases in January.  (We really don’t need anything)  No joke:  within 4 1/2 minutes of posting this goal, Jack came up to me and showed me the condition of his gym shoes.  Seriously?  How do little boys wear out gym shoes so fast?!?  I tried to get him to wait until February, but had no success.  Wearing shoes with toes poking through is not encouraged in Wisconsin during January.  Total clothing/shoe/unnecessary purchases in January:  One.  (By the way--I almost blew this goal when I saw Ryan Gosling on the cover of People magazine in January.  I really wanted to make that unnecessary purchase.)
Go to the grocery store no more than 2x per week—(Less trips & excess buying each week). I was successful with this 3 out of 4 weeks in January.  Limiting my grocery store trips really makes a difference in my spending habits.
Try one new recipe from Maria’s book per week—(Less gluten)  I did well with the gluten this month, but only made one recipe specifically from Maria's book--Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins--so good!
No more than 2 hours of screen time per day, and none when everyone is home during the week. (Less wasted family time) Not even close.  I need to work on this.  
Arrive 5 minutes early to everything.  (Less being late)  Success!!!  I was only late for one appointment all month, and everyone else arrived later than me, so it didn't even count!!

In February, I Choose To...

Purge my craft room and donate things I know I will never use. 

Clean all my junk out of John's garage.  

Continue on the "no clothing or shoes" track.  We still don't need anything.  Seriously this time.

Make it 4/4 weeks with only 2 grocery store trips per week.

Plan 5 under $10 outings--one with John and one with each of the kids.

Okay, February--let's do this!



PS  The "I Choose" graphic at the top is from Elise Cripe's class through Big Picture Classes.

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