Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life {February 18-24}


Whew!  Last week was a good one!  We packed all kinds of fun into the week.  All four kiddos played at an orchestra concert together on Monday.  Emily is in band, not orchestra, but they asked her to play her French horn on a couple of the songs.  Very cool.
On Wednesday night I stopped by at Raffi's lacrosse practice to take a team picture for the website.  Raffi is loving lacrosse.  I can't wait until the games start.  I've actually never been to one before.
 The kids had a surprise snow day on Friday--yahoo!!  Last year they didn't get any snow days, and this year they've had two.  The kids got outside to help John shovel.  We tried to build a snowman, but the snow didn't pack well.  That night, Emily, Greg, Raffi, Jack, and I went snowshoeing in the dark.  I absolutely loved it.  I wish they'd open the trails every Friday night.  It was so pretty!  They set out luminarias along the trail to light the way. Greg and Emily wore vintage snowshoes--aren't they awesome?   I also added a picture of the Scrabble game we played together, the delicious apple strudel that Raffi made, and a shot of the Girl Scout cookies that arrived this weekend. This week I also had an insert that held our pictures from our trip to Madison on Saturday:

Maddie, Emily, and Hailey got tickets to see Passion Pit, and I got to go along to drive.  We had so much fun hanging out in Madison all day.  I love walking around on State Street and shopping in all the little boutiques.  We ran across a shop filled-to-the-brim with prom dresses.  After a whole lot of coaxing, we got Emily to try on a couple for us.  She was hesitant to try any on because she is planning on going with Auntie in a couple of weeks.  We told her it would be okay to just try on a couple.  I loved seeing her model the dresses we picked out for her.  I can't wait to do it for real in March!

Another highlight of our day was dinner at Ella's, which is pretty much the coolest place, ever.  It was such a great day.  I'm so glad all my memories are already in the book!  I love this project!

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  1. Fun layout all around.

    I didn't realize you were near(ish) Madison! One of the best little cities around! Ella's is a perennial favorite. We had some of our wedding photos taken on the carousel there in October. :)

  2. Seems like you all had a fabulous week and a 'snow day' to boot! It's a joy to see your weeks in review, makes us feel almost current with your happenings. Mom