Wednesday, August 7, 2013


watching House of Cards.  Holy cow--it's brilliant.  It's sharp and so realistic that it kind of scares me.
drinking 3 Pump Chai Tea Lattes.  Obsessed.
signing up for a month of CrossFit.  Amy found a Groupon, so we are doing it for $50--what a deal!
teaching Maddie the right way to accelerate after a stop.
wearing all my "real" clothes in between when I'm coaching.
eating lots of Jarlsberg Swiss and frozen blueberries. Yum.
enjoying the last week of summer swim club.  I can't believe high school season starts next week!
thrilled with Emily's senior pictures.  Christy took them over the weekend--440 shots of Emily looking gorgeous.
washing swim towels & suits.  Always.
excited about going to an Illini football game in September.
laughing  at all the pictures we took at practice this morning
feeling tired and achy.  I hope I am not coming down with something.
loving that we are getting cucumbers from our garden.

What's up with you today?


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