Friday, August 16, 2013

Wonder Women Party

Hi Friends!

The first week of the crazy-busy high school swim season is in the books.  Well, almost...we have a team car wash tomorrow.  Then the first week will be over.  : )  I always host the first party of the season to get things kicked off.  We started on Tuesday, the party was on Wednesday. I went with a "We are all Wonder Women" theme inspired by this poster, and I found the cute printable above from Little Blue Boo. Pretty much the entire team stopped by.   It was awesome!  And you know what else was awesome?  These two women who wore Wonder Women costumes:

We lucked out with gorgeous weather this year (yahoo!), so most of the girls enjoyed just hanging out in the backyard.
There was lots of bouncing on the trampoline and a whole bunch of night games.

We ate Greek yogurt with fruit toppings (healthy), and a whole bunch of candy (not so healthy). 

And in between all the fun, we even managed to get all of the Car Wash posters made:

I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all.  I love coaching all of these "Wonder Women!"



PS  Most of this post, in a slightly different format appeared first on our team blog.

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