Monday, October 28, 2013

50 Little Things

1. For the most part, I like the card better than the gift.  Especially if the card is homemade and has a note written in it.
2.  Sometimes I am startled by the fact that my kids are almost grown up.  I'm not sure why this catches me off-guard every now and then, but it does.
3.  I love driving.
4.  I have dreams about skipping college classes.
5. I also have dreams where I can't remember what day my class meets or where it's located.
6.  I graduated from college a million years ago.
7.  I hardly ever skipped a college class.
8.  I bought some Christmas gift tags at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago.
9.  I hate the fact that Sam's Club put their Christmas stuff out 3 weeks before Halloween.
10. I just know that if I waited until a "normal" time to buy those cute gift tags, they would have been gone.
11. I have to boil 8 boxes of pasta today.
12.  After tonight, my swim team goes from 47 girls to 13.
13.  I am not very good with endings.
14.  When I posted #13 on Twitter, someone I don't know replied, "There is a beautiful beginning too!"
15.  While I agree (in theory) with the stranger's reply, I don't think it applies to missing my JV swimmer girls.
16.  Girl's swim season is my favorite time of year.
17.  This has been my favorite girls swim season, ever.
18.  I make it my goal to make Jack laugh as he's leaving the car in front of his school each morning.
19.  I sometimes do this by embarrassing him.
20.  Jack does not believe that I could deadlift him.
21.  My one rep maximum for deadlifting is 230 pounds.
22.  My coach thinks that I could deadlift 300 pounds.
23.  Jack is not even close to 300 pounds.
24.  When I was in second grade, I was the jump rope champion.
25.  I did 284 jumps in a row before I messed up.
26.  On Friday, I had to do 270 jump rope jumps in the middle of my workout.
27.  It about killed me.
28.  Second grade was a million years ago.
29.  I am doing a women's Bible study at church.  We are reading Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity."
30.  I am completely positive that each and every woman in my group is there for a reason.  Including me.
31.  I just finished reading "Winter's Bone".
32.  I read it because it was recommended in my Oprah magazine.
33.  Oprah loves to recommend sad, sad books.
34.  Winter's Bone was a sad, sad book.
35.  I just Googled "Winter's Bone" and discovered it has already been made into a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.
36. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I do not want to watch that movie.
37.  I can guarantee you that it's a sad, sad movie.
38.  I love going to movies.
39.  I feel kind of stuck at 39.
40.  Buster is having a crazy dream right now.
41.  Maybe he is dreaming about missing a college final.
42.  His paws are going crazy.
43.  I'm sure that when I am having my "I-have-a-final-today-in-a-class-I've-skipped-all-semester-and-I-can't-even -remember-where-the-class-meets" dream, I'm probably twitching and whimpering, too.
44.  Speaking of college, my beloved Illini lost to Michigan State this past weekend.
45.  We now hold the record for "Longest Conference Losing Streak."
46.  I can't think of a worse record to hold.
47.  Speaking of losing record, I am about to make my yearly bet with my obnoxious Packer fan friend, Karen.
48.  I'm ever-hopeful that this year I will win.
49.  Jay Cutler is out with a groin injury.
50.  You better believe I will be taking that into account before the wager is made.  : )



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