Friday, October 25, 2013

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Hey There Friends!

My mom told me she is missing finding a little "Whimsy" in her inbox everyday.  So, in honor of my biggest fan (Hi Mom!), here is a recap of just some of the things that have been keeping me away from blogging lately (in no specific order).  The picture above is from the Homecoming dance.  I thought Emily and Greg looked so cute together! I love Greg's bow tie!

Maddie, Jack, and I snuck over to Madison a couple of weeks ago to see Denise and Isabella.  We ate at our favorite magical place, Ella's.
Then we rode the carousel.  Can you spot Jack behind Isabella?
Maddie rode it, too!  Weeee!
Emily and Maddie had a full week leading up to the big Homecoming game, and my favorite theme day was "Jersey Day".  They both wore Bears jerseys which went over about as well as you can imagine up here in Packerland.  : )
The team built a float for the big Homecoming parade.  I passed out 8 pounds of candy along the route.  I'm not going to lie, throwing candy to little kids makes me feel like a rock star.  They get so excited!  : )
Maddie built a float with the drama department.  It was awesome.  They promoted their production, "Into the Woods" which was last weekend.  It was such a good show!
Emily, Maddie, and I went to an Illini game at Soldier's Field with Tom and Tommy.  It was a complete blast!
It was Tommy's first college football game.  I got to dress him up in Illini wear.  He was the cutest fan in the stands!
We hosted an Invite and we won!  In fact, we have won every single meet this season.  We haven't lost a dual meet since Emily's freshman year.  Yup.
Emily dressed up as Ariel for the team Halloween party.  Yes, she is wearing a seashell bra and a little headband tiara.
I have been plugging away at Crossfit and loving it.  Here's a very flattering picture of me flipping tires.  Yes, I am that tough.  : )
Just for fun, I decided that the entire team (50 girls) needed to wear tutus to last weekend's Spirit Invite.  So I cut enough tulle for 50 skirts.  Crazy.
And that's just a few highlights.  Life is full, but good.  I am grateful.

Thanks for stopping by, even through the lean months.  Swim season ends in a few weeks, and then (maybe?) I'll be able to get back to regular posting.



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