Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday

Hi Friends!

Yahoo! It's Friday!
If it seems like forever since I posted a "Five for Friday" it's because it has been forever. : )  For some reason I keep thinking my life is going to slow down at some point, but that never seems to happen.  Oh well.  I really have so little to complain about.  Life is good!

1.  New York Magazine just released their Top 10 books of 2013.  Year-end lists are my favorite.  There's nothing I like more than a list of good books to read.  Of the ten, I've only read one, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, which I loved, and blogged about here.  I have The Flamethrowers sitting by my bed right now. I plan on posting my own year-end list in the next few weeks.  It was a great year for reading.

2. This is pretty incredible.

3.  Last Friday, John and I went to see Delivery Man, the movie about the guy who finds out he's fathered more than 500 children.  We both ended up liking it--it's perfect if you just want to be entertained and laugh.

4.  I love to wrap presents--I love wrapping paper and the smell of Scotch tape and fun little gift tags.  I am continuously inspired by the images I see of how people wrap their gifts.  These book inspired gift wraps are amazing.  I especially like the Dr. Suess inspired set.  Wow!

5. I love Xenia's Saturday Morning Vintage's blog and shop. Her photography is gorgeous, and I love the way she puts things together for her shop.  This subscription to her Paper Parcel club would be a perfect gift for any vintage paper lover (hint, hint).

And there you have it!  I'm off to Milwaukee later today to take Maddie to the Arctic Monkeys concert.  It will be the second time we've seen them together.  And by together I mean she will be down in the crazy-pit while I am up in the balcony sipping on my club soda and lime.



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