Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random Wednesday: Christmas Edition

1.  I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.
2.  I am trying to stay on budget this year.
3.  I am not super great with budgets.
4.  John is super great with budgets.
5.  We have decided to do all the shopping together this year.
6.  It is very hard to go off-budget when John is part of the shopping experience.
7.  John does not particularly enjoy shopping.
8.  John is okay with buying.
9.  I really like shopping.
10.  The difference between shopping and buying is having a plan before you set out.
11.  John likes plans.
12.  The secret to a positive shopping experience with John is to tell him ahead of time all the things I am considering buying that day.
13.  When we first got married, we went to the mall.
14.  John needed socks.
15.  I got all excited because we were going shopping together at the mall.
16.  When we found John's socks, he was ready to go.
17.  I was confused because I hadn't even had a chance to look around.
18.  Looking around was not part of the plan.
19.  We left the mall after he found his socks.
20.  Sometimes it takes me a while to learn things.
21.  This is not one of those cases.
22. The next time we went to the mall together, I made sure to lay out all of the possible things I might want to look at.
23. It worked perfectly.
24.  Twenty years later, it still works the exact same way.
25. I'm hoping this year's plan of doing all the buying together will result in a happy budget.
26.  Nothing makes John happier than a happy budget.
27.  Except maybe not having to go shopping.



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