Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project Life 2015!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to be back at it for another year of Project Life!  This will be my fourth year doing PL, and I am very excited about capturing all of life's big and little moments. Last year was filled with lots of big life moments. I ended up making a lot of scrapbooks for other people, which definitely affected my own books.  Over Christmas break I printed out hundreds of photos from 2014, and I managed to get them all into my album.  This year, I'm going to try not to let anything get in the way of my Project Life albums, but I'm also not going to stress if I don't have a layout for every week.  I'm planning on doing a hybrid book--some weeks' layouts will capture the entire week, and sometimes I'm just going to capture a big event that happened during the week.  I think the flexibility of this plan will help me stay on track in 2015.  The most important part for me is getting my pictures off of my computer and into my albums.

I started 2015's album with pictures from the New Year's Eve party, since the party extended into the start of 2015.
 The girls took a whole big bunch of photos, so I had plenty of good ones to choose from.
 Some highlights from January 1-4:
I also did a page detailing my One Little Word for 2015: Progress.  I decided not to do a separate album for my word this year, I'm going to just weave it into my PL layouts every now and then.
January 5-11 included Maddie's birthday and GG's big party.  I printed out the blog post I wrote for Maddie and included it next to the one and only picture I took of her on her birthday.  That week was also the week I resigned from my job as assistant coach at the high school.  I included a copy of the letter I sent to the team.
 John came home from Israel that week, so I included a portion of his airline ticket.  I wanted the actual ticket from Israel, but he didn't keep it.  I've got to remember to tell him to save all his future tickets!
I am working on last week's spread right now.  It is almost entirely made up of photos from my trip to Champaign last weekend.  It was such a great trip.  I will write about it in a separate post.

Hooray for Project Life!



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