Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homecoming Weekend Highlights

 Hi Friends!

Thought you might like to see some highlights from the big, crazy Homecoming weekend.  We had three high school girls going in three different directions all weekend, but we all managed to have a great time.  Friday afternoon was the parade.  Maddie & I walked with the swim team float (only seniors get to ride on the float), Emily marched with the band, and Raffi rode in a convertible with the foreign exchange students.  Jack, John, and Grammy cheered for each group as we passed them.  : )  I had a blast throwing out candy to all the cute kids who lined the parade route. Next year I'm bringing twice as much;  I ran out before the end of the parade! : (

 After the parade, Jack, Grammy, and I bundled up and headed to the football game to see Emily's halftime show.  It was so cold!  Jack brought his friend, Davis, and they had a great time going back and forth to the concessions stand. : )
 I'm bummed that I didn't bring my long lens.  This is the best shot of Emily from the night, and it was before they even started moving (she's the forth whole person from the left):
 Saturday morning, Emily, Maddie, Raffi and I had practice from 7-8.  : (  No rest for the weary sectional-champion swimmers!  Saturday was a blur of getting things ready for the pre & post parties at our house, and then getting girls to where they needed to go for pictures.  Maddie and her friends decided that they would have more fun going to dinner and a movie than going to the dance, so that's what they did.  But first, they came over to our house to take pictures. Aren't they adorable?!? 
 These girls are all on the swim team, and they are all completely fabulous:
After pictures, they headed to Olive Garden for dinner and then to the show.

Meanwhile, Raffi was off with a different group of girls getting ready for the dance, and Emily was over at her friend, Charlotte's, house to get ready.  John, Grammy and I headed over for Emily's big picture taking session at 6:00.  The girls were all so lovely, and the boys looked great.  I loved what Hailey did to Emily's hair:
Emily looked stunning:
Charlotte's backyard was perfect for photos:
They live right on the lake, so we had to take a dock picture (of course):
The whole group:
And one last silly picture before we left:
And with that, we left and they headed off for dinner.

Before we knew it, Maddie's group was back at the house to hang out after the movie.  I set out a bunch of snacks, and made my famous cupcakes in a jar to celebrate the "Anti Homecoming" group:
At a little after 10, Emily called to see if her group could come back and hang out, too. She brought Raffi home with her and there were kids everywhere!  We had a group upstairs, and a group downstairs, and the "Anti Homecoming" group shared their snacks with the Homecoming group, and all was good!

The next morning, I snagged a couple of pictures off of Facebook from the dance.  This is a shot of the swim team group:
And here's a picture of Raffi with her group (she's on the far left):
And there you have it, Homecoming 2012.   A good time was had by all!



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