Friday, October 12, 2012

Walk To Defeat ALS

 Hi Friends,

On Sunday morning, I got up bright and early, put on my layers, laced up my shoes, and headed over for the ALS Walk in Kimberly.  It was an absolutely beautiful fall day;  sunny and crisp, and the course was gorgeous--every street was lined with beautiful fall trees. 

Before the walk, we all gathered inside for pictures and team bonding.  I walked in support of my friend, Robin, and her mom, Dar (pictured above).  Dar had quite a team gathered to support her!
One entire wall of the building was covered with cardboard walls so we could write messages of support:
 Each team had T-shirts supporting the patient they were walking for.  I loved the back of this T-shirt:

 Part of the course went through Sunset Park, which was completely lovely.
 I was overwhelmed by the kindness I saw on this walk.  I loved that so many family and friends were there walking in support of their loved one.  It was truly a family event, from start to finish.
I know that right now there is no cure for ALS, but there was a whole lot of love and HOPE on that walk.  Here's hoping that a cure is right around the corner.



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