Friday, July 26, 2013

Five For Friday & The Farmer's Market

 Hi Friends!

Yahoo!  It's Friday again--my favorite!!  What's up for you this weekend?  Jack leaves for camp tomorrow for a whole week (!), and John is playing in a two-day tournament.  The girls and I intend to enjoy a girlie weekend together.  Last weekend, the stars and the moon and the weather and my schedule all aligned and I actually made it to the farmer's market for only the second time all summer.  At the beginning of each summer I promise myself I will head to the farmer's market each Saturday.  But then real life tends to crash in, and I don't make it there very often.  I love, love, love going to the farmer's market--all the colorful, fresh, lovely fruits and vegetables make for completely lovely pictures, and it's great for people-watching, too.  Who knows, maybe I'll make it there tomorrow morning after I drop Jack off (fingers crossed!).  Ready for this week's links?  Enjoy!
 1.  Oh my gosh! I love the website, Emergency Compliments.  Click on it if you're in need of a little boost.  There are compliments for every occasion.  Keep clicking until you find the one that you're in need of.  Some of my favorites: "Your hair looks great today. It also looked good two days ago,"  "I'm not telling you what to do, but you could pull off orange corduroy," & "You actually looked super graceful that time you tripped in front of everyone."
 2.  A photographer in England captured a second of video of every day of his son's first year.  The video is completely precious.  Of course, I wish I had done this for my children.
 3.  This Guide to Interacting with an Introvert cracks me up.  I am an extrovert married to an awesome introvert who loves his hamster ball (especially in crowded situations).
 4.  I love radishes.  I definitely want to try this radish chip recipe.
 5.  These cards are so cute.  I am totally going to steal the idea and make some of these cards.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.



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