Friday, July 19, 2013

Five for Friday

Hi Friends!

It's FRIDAY!!  Hooray!  I love Fridays. They are definitely my favorite.  Ready for some fun links for the weekend?  Here you go!

1.  I kind of really love this bag.  Yes.  I am a grammar nerd.

2.  I loved this funny NY Magazine article on parties we should have instead of weddings.  I especially wish I had thrown Christy a Student Loan Repayment Day party.  I am seriously considering hosting Graduation Shower  for Emily next year.  : )

3.  We are slowly turning Raffi's room back into the den.  We've moved a couch and chair in there, and I had John hang my vintage chalkboard up on the wall.  It's starting to look cute.  We even hung out in there one night.  I'm searching for some fun vintage art to put on the walls.  I love this old WPA poster of a boy reading a funny book. 

4.  Every time I think, "I have more than enough Project Life stuff," they release new core kits.  First it was Elise's Seafoam edition, then it was Liz's Midnight edition, and now I can't wait to get my hands on Elsie & Emma's Sunshine edition.   You're killing me, Becky Higgins!  : )

5.  I really need someone to get pregnant ASAP.  I loooove this shower theme!!  I really want to be friends with Melanie in real life.  She throws the best parties.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  We are in full party mode tonight celebrating Jack's birthday.  Other than that, I have nothing.  Yahoo!



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