Monday, May 12, 2014

Prom & Friendship

 Hi Friends,

I thought I'd share a bit of gorgeousness from this past weekend's prom.  I've got to say, I'm still in denial that I have two girls who are old enough to go to prom together, but it's true:

 Both girls had a fabulous time.

 After the dance, their group came back to the house for dessert and movies.
 I'm so glad that we are the house where the kids and their friends like to hang out.
 This year's prom theme was "Masquerade", which meant that all the girls went out and bought masks that they wore for pictures and then promptly left in the car for the rest of the night. : )
Hooray for special nights and memories shared between sisters.

I can't leave this post without sharing the story behind Maddie's dress.  A few years ago, the girls and I were looking at prom pictures on Facebook.  We love to sit together and look at all the girls' dresses and hair and shoes.  We ran across this picture of Elle, one of my Texas "Fab 4":
I remember saying at the time, "Girls, look at this picture of Elle, she is prom perfection.  She looks classic and elegant, and she'll never look back on her prom photos and say, 'What was I thinking?'"  I guess that message stuck with Maddie, because when we started looking for prom dresses she said, "I just want to look like Elle did in her dress."  I got to thinking, and said, "Well, heck, why don't I just see if Elle will let you borrow her dress?"  I had a feeling that Elle would loan out her gorgeous dress.  She has a generous and kind heart (like her mamma).  Sure enough, she was happy to let Maddie wear her dress.  When the box arrived and Maddie tried on the dress, she was thrilled--beyond thrilled.  On Saturday, she looked in the mirror and said, "I feel pretty."  It made my mom heart squeeze.  Thank you, Elle-girl, for loaning out your dress.  Thank you for being her style icon (she couldn't have picked a better one!).  Thank you for your generous heart.  Thank you, Donie and Elle, for being my friends.


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