Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Friends

A real friend will notice that the shriveled up violet in your "Grow Joy" pot is anything but joyful.
She will kidnap your pot, remove the shriveled up violet, and replace it with beautiful succulents.
A real friend will notice that your front planter looks bare and lonely, and she will fill it with colorful pansies so your guests feel welcome.
A real friend will meet you in the parking lot of the gas station and let you sob on her shoulder.
A real friend will see you sitting alone at church and then bring you over and blend you into her family.
A real friend will open her house every Mother's Day and share her day with you.
A real friend will cheer on your kids and be thrilled about their successes.
A real friend will help you sort out what to do when your kids mess up.
A real friend will bring your old dog a treat every time she comes over.
A real friend will encourage you to try all kinds of ridiculous, cockamamie things.
A real friend will be up for trying all the ridiculous, cockamamie things you come up with.
A real friend knows all your people and all your stories.
A real friend knows all your faults and loves you anyway.
A real friend is a rare and precious gift.

Thank you, Amy, for being a real friend.  I love you!



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