Friday, October 17, 2014


Dear Sam's Club,
I'm bummed that you no longer carry 6lb bags of Brach's Gummi Bears.  They are my signature always-give-to-my-swimmers candy.  I'm sort of worried they won't like the new kind.

Dear Neenah Public Library,
Thank you for only charging .10 per day for overdue fines.  Paying .70 to finish a really good book is the best deal in town.

Dear Fall,
You are my favorite.  Keep being awesome.

Dear Starbucks,
Thank you for making such a big deal about pumpkin every year.  I'm pretty sure the only thing pulling Maddie through production week is your pumpkin chai lattes and pumpkin scones.

Dear Eyeballs,
I am thankful for you, I am, but I am completely frustrated that after a lifetime of putting up with the fact that you're not very good at far distances, you are now giving up on the close things, too.  It just doesn't seem fair.



PS This post was 100% inspired by the lovely Christina over at The Olive Tree.

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