Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things I Thought I'd Be Better at By Now

Hi Friends,

So today's my big birthday.  And by "big" I just mean "birthday", since as Christy pointed out to me, it's not a milestone year or anything (that's in 4 years, and she hinted that we might celebrate that one together in Aruba! {No pressure, Christy, but I'm already planning on it...}).  Anyway.  Back to this year's non-milestone birthday.  I was going to get all sentimental and reflect on all the blessings in my life (of which there are MANY), but as I sat at the DMV yesterday (hoping my new driver's license picture turns out cute, because as it turns out, that still matters, even when you're over 40...), I got to thinking that there are so many things I thought I'd be better at by the time I reached 46. Just for fun, I sat at the DMV and jotted down a list: 

1.  Folding fitted sheets.  I long to have gorgeous linen closets filled to the brim with perfectly stacked sheet sets, but try as I might (and believe me, I have tried), I can't get my fitted sheets to look good no mater what I do.  I can't even blame this one on my mom--she is AWESOME at folding fitted sheets, and she has demonstrated her technique to me many times.

2.  Parallel parking.  Can't do it.  Can't.  If you are meeting me anywhere downtown, please know I will be late because I will be busy circling the block until someone in the front or back of the line leaves their space.

3.  Make coffee.  This seems like something most grownups know how to do.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I entertain a lot.  I seriously get anxiety every time I have to brew a pot of coffee.  I can never remember the ratio of scoops to cups of water.  One time I was put in charge of making the coffee for Denise's wedding (her wedding!!!), and it was a disaster.  I'm pretty sure people are still riding the caffeine high from that night.

4. Read a map/know what "turn east" means when someone gives me directions.  Thank God for smart phones.  My phone helps me pretend like I know how to get places.

Making this list was actually kind of fun until I realized that it was a little pathetic that I'm an adult who can't do these things.  I mean, seriously, some of the things on my list seem like things I should have mastered years ago.  But then I got to wondering what people would make fun of me for if I actually learned to do these things.  In my family, teasing = love, and based on the amount of teasing I get for not knowing how to do these things, I am completely and thoroughly loved.  Which, of course, is the biggest blessing of all.



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  1. Happy birthday to my dear, sweet friend! Great list. I only recently mastered the fine art of fitted sheet folding. A friend had to show me. For me, this has been a year of learning how to back up a trailer and learning how to replace windshield wipers. I find that a simple search on Google often leads me to the knowledge I am seeking. Off to search "how to parallel park." Then, perhaps, "How to parallel park with a trailer." May your day be blessed with lots of teasing, which equals love. You are loved, indeed.