Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Favorite Wall: Christmas 2014

 Hi Friends!

The sun is peeking out of the clouds today in Wisconsin, so I pushed my dining room table out into the hallway and snapped a few pictures of my favorite wall all decked-out for Christmas before it went away.  I've been meaning to blog about my wall for a few weeks, but it has been so gloomy around here lately.  For those of you who are new around here, John built this wall for me a few years ago, and I have been having a good time decorating it ever since!  This year's Christmas version is one of my favorites--each cubby is filled with so many good memories. Here's a look at a few of my favorites:
 I rescued these cuties from a the cabinet over my mom's washing machine when I was in town helping with my dad's doctor appointments earlier this year.  I remember these ladies from my childhood, and I'm not sure why they were hidden away.  I asked my mom if I could take them home and she said yes.  I am thrilled to have them displayed this year!
 I love that mod Santa Christmas tray.  I found it antiquing with my dad a couple of years ago.
How cute is this little Santa ornament?  It came in the box of homemade treasures from John's childhood.  I love the sequins and googly-eyes.  
The silver candle holder was a gift from John's sister.  I love the round little ball candles.  I think it looks perfect in that little cubbie.  The bottle brush trees are from a little boutique near my mom and dad's house.  I always find the best treasures there!  The print is from Monica's ETSY shop.  I love the clean design. And it really is the best time of the year, isn't it?  The large "3" sign was a Christmas gift from John a couple of years ago.  I love anything that reminds me of my kiddos.
The cross stitch picture was made by my mom over 20 years ago.  She said the little girl reminded her of me.  Of course it did-- I am always a good girl. : )   Here's a closeup:
The little book is my December Daily from 2011.  I do a December Daily every other year.  I love looking back at my books, but they are a lot of work.  Taking a year off in between helps me to forget how much work they are.  You can see last year's book up in the top row on the left-hand side in the first picture.   The jar of vintage ornaments was a treasure I found antiquing with my friend, Donie, down in Texas.  I love looking at all of the fabulous, chippy ornaments.  I wonder whose tree they once decorated?
 The tall cone tree is from Pier One a few years ago.  It's a mess of over-sized sequins--I love it!!  Jack made the hand print card in kindergarten.  I love it so much.
The little Jack-in-the-box ornament is another one from John's childhood.  It is one of my very favorite ornaments.
I love, love, love these two wooden Santas that my Papa carved for John and I.  They are two of my most prized treasures.
Hooray for sunshine and special treasures that remind me of special people.



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  1. Hello Sweet Sunshine Girl!!!!
    Getting all caught up on your blog has been an absolute TREAT! I have been a busy, busy girl (teaching!) and decided that my New Year's goal is to start blogging again!!!! It's good for my soul!
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL-BLESSED Christmas friend.