Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Jack!

Dear Jack,

Today is your 10th Birthday.  Holy cow, double digits!  I'm not really sure how you went from being the tiny little baldy baby who made everybody smile to the tall, goofy, super-smart, funny, artistic, musical, lovable guy you are today.  Time flies when you're having fun, and life with you is always fun!

You know what?  I love pretty much every single thing about you. 

I love how you never, ever fail to make me laugh. 
I love how you tell me 852 times a day how much you love me. 
I love your awesome hugs and your silly faces and groovy dance moves. 
I love spending time with you, even if all we're doing is laying on the bed together reading. 
I love that you think about other people's feelings.  You're kind, Jack, and that's a very good thing. 
I love when you tell me one of your "Deep Thoughts By Jack Terlap" ideas. 
I love that you have a grateful heart. 

You know what I'm grateful for?  That God sent me such a wonderful son.  You bring me so much joy, Jack.

I love your awesomeness.

I hope today is the start of a year filled to the brim with love, laughter and good memories.

I love you,


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