Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Memories//Drive-In Movie

Hi Friends--

Last night we packed up the kiddos and met Amy and her family at the Drive-In theater (it's called "Field of Screens" isn't that cute?!?).  I never went to a drive-in as a child, so it was one of those things I really wanted to do with my kids.  I think the best part of going to the drive-in is the fun that happens before the movie starts.  You have to get there early to get a good spot, so we always bring balls and cards to play with.  Last night we played "Dirty Hearts," my favorite childhood card game.  Slapping someone the queen of spades (13 points), or the ten of hearts(10 points) just never gets old.  : )  Last night's double feature was Cars 2 and the new Pirates movie.  Car 2 was super cute, but we didn't make it through all of Pirates (and we still didn't get home until after midnight).  As I sat there wrapped up in my snugly Illini blanket smelling like Deep Woods Off, surrounded by some of my very favorite people, I knew there was nowhere else I would rather be.

Here's to fun summer family nights!



PS Fabulous picture found on (this) lovely blog.

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