Friday, September 27, 2013

Five For Friday + More Farmer's Market Photos!

Hi Friends!

It's Friday again--my favorite!!  This week has been the best kind of busy--Maddie and I snuck down to Chicago on Monday to see the Arctic Monkeys in concert at the Riviera.  It was so much fun to make that happen for her.  She just kept saying, "I don't know what I did to deserve this!"  It was the best.  I know for a fact that my parents would have never even considered pulling me out of school to drive 3 1/2 hours to see my favorite band, which is precisely why I did it.  (Just kidding, Mom and Dad--you were awesome parents even though you didn't let me see Grease or go to rollerskating parties).  It helps to have super-smart kids who can afford to miss a school day every now and then.  

Speaking of super-smart kids, this week we found out that Emily was named a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist.  The school announced it on Wednesday, but we actually found out last weekend when Northwestern sent her a congratulations message.  I try so hard to not live vicariously through my kids, but I'm not going to lie, I keep getting congratulations messages about it, and IT IS SO FUN!!!  : )
How awesome are these photos from last week's farmer's market?!?  The colors were out-of-this-world at each and every stand.  I always wonder what those farmers think when I whip out my camera and take photos of their produce.
 Ready for some fun links from this week?  Here you go!
 1.  At the risk of being that blogger who always shares a link to the same blog, I'm going to go ahead and share another one from Glennon.  This one is on why social media can be a dangerous thing.  It really made me think.  It also reaffirmed my desire to be friends with her.  I love everything that woman writes.  She just seems incredibly cool, you know?
 2.  I love cauliflower.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?  Speaking of gorgeous, I love this cake.  I want to make those cake toppers.
3.  This weekend I am going to pack away my summer mantle and start decorating for fall.  This Pinterest board full of fall goodness is the perfect inspiration.
4.  Last Friday I had a rough time at CrossFit.  It was the first time I was unable to finish a workout, and I ended up crying.  On Tuesday, these arrived in the mail.  I put one on the inside of my left wrist.  I see it every time I workout. It helps.  Maddie is also sporting one on the inside of her left wrist.  She said it makes her happy all day long.  Words are powerful.
 5.  This ridiculously cute balloon garland makes me want to throw a party (what doesn't?!?).  But seriously,  I really need to throw a party...soon!

Have a fabulous, wonderful weekend, friends!



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  1. awww you are so fun! your note to your parents made me laugh!