Friday, September 6, 2013

This Week (and Five for Friday!)

 Hi Friends!

It's been a big week at the Terlaps!  On Sunday we headed down to Greek Lake to say goodbye to summer.  I feel in love with Green Lake--it was a completely lovely day with the whole family.

 We take a shot like this each year:
(And yes, John has a savage tan...on the back of his neck!).  No sooner did we say goodbye to summer then it was time to head on back to school.  Jack started 7th grade this week, and he was the only one of the three who had a full day, so he's flying solo in his picture (the girls were still in bed when this photo was taken):
 Four hours later, it was time to capture the girls.  Emily is now a senior, and Maddie is a sophomore:
One week down, the rest of the school year to go.  I actually hope it goes nice and slow so I can enjoy Emily's last year.

Here's some links for you to check out this weekend:

1. Mr. Jack is a big fan of anything lemon poppy seed.  I am going to see if this really is "The Best Lemon Poppy Seed Bread", as advertised.  Jack will be sure to let me know.  

2.  I have been reading Lisa Leonard's blog for a long time--in fact, it was one of the first blogs I ever read.  Over the years, she has shared so much of her heart.  I loved this post today about her son's first day of school.  I am a huge David fan!

3. For a long time now, I have been involved in a full-blown love affair with Sharpies--especially the extra fine ones (my favorite!).  This post about 10 Creative Ways to Use Sharpies definitely caught my attention.  (But I can't even imagine being brave enough to use one on my furniture!!).

4.  Unlike my husband, I adore sprinkles--the more, the better!  This Sprinkled with Love Party made me swoon.  So pretty.

5.  These mini invitations make me want to throw a party.  So cute.

Have a wonderful, marvelous weekend, my friends!



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