Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Randomness; Breaking Bad Edition

1. I am starting my fourth week of CrossFit.
2.  It is kicking my butt.  And my lower back.  And my traps, lats, quads...
3.  It has been a good, long while since I have worked out this hard.
4.  Every day before I arrive at the "Box," I get nervous.
5.  I know I am going to be asked to work extremely hard.
6.  CrossFit kind of scares me.
7.  I really like CrossFit.
8.  Something else that scares me:  Drugs.
9.  After I read "Beautiful Boy," I became incredibly scared of meth.
10. I started to give my swimmers little lectures about the dangers of meth.
11.  I am kind of famous for my "Don't Do Meth Speech".
12.  I have swimmers ask me to tell them the "Don't Do Meth Speech".
13.  Although I am scared and completely opposed to meth, I have become addicted to Breaking Bad.
14.  Breaking Bad is about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who discovers he has lung cancer and decides to cook meth to raise money so his family will have money to live on once he dies.
15.  My mild-mannered, kind, sweet-as-pie friend, Amy, turned me on to Breaking Bad over a year ago.
16.  I became immediately hooked.
17.  There are only two episodes left of Breaking Bad.
18.  I am already worried about the withdraw symptoms I am going to experience once Breaking Bad goes off the air.
19.  I know that my Breaking Bad addiction is unhealthy.
20.  I can't stop watching/thinking/obsessing/counting the days down to Sunday.
21.  I find myself reading all the Breaking Bad message boards each Monday morning, hoping to extend Sunday night's Breaking Bad high.
22.  I inadvertently hooked Maddie on Breaking Bad.
23.  I am not proud of it, but I am so glad I have someone to watch it with me each week.
24.  I am also glad she will have to go through Breaking Bad "detox" with me once it ends.
25.  I guess I am going to find something else to obsess about.
26.  I think I'm going to turn my obsession to box jumps, which scare the heck out of me.
27.  But not as much as meth.  




  1. you crack me up!! I have never watched this show!??! I am sort of a crazy tv ( i mean my oldest in only 6) but when we are watching something i dont want them to watch I am all like " don't look at the TV! you can't watch this!" lol and then their reply is " then why are you!?" lol...I cant wait to watch shows with them..what fun!

    p.s. now i wanna hear you speech.lol