Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Workspace Wednesday {March 12 Edition}

Hi Friends!

This week's Workspace Wednesday is a little peek at what I look at when I'm sitting at my craft table.  I did a big 'ole clean up last week before Sarah and her family came over.  I decided it was time to change out the wall and shelf behind my table. I rearranged the narrow ledge John made for me and decided to use it to hold my Project Life cards.  I organized them by color and put them right in front of my nose.  I am definitely using them way more now than I did when they were in a box.  When John built the ledge, I also had him widen the shelf above it so it could hold my Project Life albums.  I am thrilled that they are out on a shelf, instead of hidden on a rack.  The metal box holds my stamp collection.  The little album is from 30Lists a few years ago.  John brought me back the cute nesting dolls from Russia last year.  

Maddie gave me that awesome "So Many of My Smiles Begin With You" letterpress print for Christmas, and I knew I wanted to put it up where I could see it all the time.  The walls surrounding this space are pretty crowded, so I knew I wanted to keep this space nice and clean.  I had purchased the "Love" letterpress print from the same artist last summer at the farmer's market and had yet to hang it up.  I knew the two prints would look great together.The 5x7 photograph is one of my favorites of the kids from last summer. 
The little New Year's Resolution print is from this Etsy shop.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  Emily brought me home the "Girl's Pool" sign when they took the old record board down at the high school.  I love that I have a little part of the pool in my space.  


Each Wednesday in 2014 I will be sharing a glimpse at my work space.  You can see more Workspace Wednesday on Marcy's blog, Hello Forever.

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