Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Around Here: Kid Edition

She is halfway through her second semester at UW Madison.
She made the Dean's List first semester.
She is so happy to be able to eat peanut butter again.
She just got hired to be a UW Rec Sports Brand Ambassador 
She is busy debating internships and study abroad options and whether or not to do a certificate.
She is working out in the weight room.
She is getting ready to head to England.
She is sad that Parks and Recreation ended.
She is feeling a bit overwhelmed by this semester's homework load.
She made homemade Valentines for all of her friends.
She is halfway through the second semester of Junior year.
She has her first college visit on Friday.
She was just asked to be the Editor and Chief of the school newspaper for next year.
She loves her new queen sized bed.
She is putting together her wardrobe for her France trip.
She is picking up hours at Pickard and working at a lot of concerts.
She is sad that Parks and Recreation is ending.
She is diving to Madison to visit Emily for the weekend.
She loves her French teacher and thinks Pre-Calc is easy.
She has a bunch of before school meetings every week.
She is absolutely obsessed with Corgis.
He is halfway through the second semester of 8th grade.
He loves playing Minecraft more than pretty much anything else in the whole world.
He thanks me every day for making his lunch.
He is starting rehearsals for the spring musical this week.
He does not like getting out of bed in the morning.
He would eat pizza and ice cream every day if I let him.
He asks me the most ridiculous questions on the way home from school every day.
He is taller than me.
He loves lounge pants.
He falls asleep on the way to his bass lesson every Tuesday night.

I love my fabulous kiddos.



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