Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Report: February 2015

Hi Friends!

Oh my gosh, I read so many amazing books in February!  I plowed through 8 books this month--mostly because they were all SO GOOD--you are going to love this month's list!  There's a nice mixture of genres this month--a little something for everyone!

Redeployment, Phil Klay (3 1/2 stars). Phil Klay's short stories confirmed what I already knew:  I wouldn't make a good soldier.  His stories are filled with heavy, deep, and real situations--situations I can't even imagine being part of.  I've said it before, but it bares repeating:  thank God there are people who are brave enough to do the things they need to do in order to keep our country safe.
Yes, Please, Amy Poehler (3 1/2 stars).  Amy Poehler has to be the coolest woman on the planet.  I picked this book up because I have a complete girl crush on Leslie Knope (the character Amy Poehler plays on Parks and Recreation).  I was so happy to see that Amy is every bit as delightful as the character she plays.  Hooray for funny, strong, real women.
The Wives of Los Alamos, Tarashea Nesbit (3 1/2 stars).  I love historical fiction, especially well-written historical fiction.  The Wives of Los Alamos is definitely well-written historical fiction. Nesbit writes the story of the wives and families of the scientists who created the atomic bomb in such a way that it feels like she gives the reader every possible perspective on what happened.  
Bird Box, Josh Malerman (4 stars).  Oh my gosh!  I think I held my breath through this entire book. I don't read a whole bunch of scary books, but this one is awesome.  The tension is unbelievable.  I literally couldn't put this book down.
The Magician's Lie, Greer Macallister (4 stars).  This is such a magical, delightful story.  I loved the way Macallister wove her way through this tale.  You're going to love this book!
The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins (3 stars).  This book is being touted as the new "Gone Girl," so I was eager to pick it up.  There were a million holds at the library, so I ended up buying it.  I ended up thinking this book was good, but not amazing.  The main character, Rachel, is not super likable. She makes some pretty bad decisions which lead to her to get involved in trying to solve a murder mystery.
Unspeakable, Meghan Daum (4 stars).  There is nothing I love more than a well-written personal essay--one that challenges the way I think.  Meghan Daum's Unspeakable is filled with amazing essays.  Each essay made me think.  Each essay challenged me to examine myself.  Meghan Daum is a Writer with a capital W.  I loved this book.
The Children Act, Ian McEwan (3 stars).  I was pretty darn excited when my friend, Denise, sent me a text and told me she just finished this book and liked it.  I liked it, too, but not as much as Atonement or Saturday.  I LOVED both of those Ian McEwan books.  I will keep picking up everything Ian McEwan writes, because two of his books are on my all-time favorites list.  Keep writing, Ian McEwan!

Read anything good lately?  I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Happy Reading!


PS My rankings are out of 4 stars.

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