Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Project Life: February 2-8

 Hi Friends!

I am totally on a roll with my Project Life!  It's hard to believe that things that happened on Sunday are already documented (high five!).  I'm giving myself bonus points for getting 3 pictures of people into this week's spread!  The group picture at the top was taken after getting pedicures with a few of my favorite swimmers.  It was such a treat!
The picture of Jack was from our rock painting session.  I have had a giant Ziplock bag of rocks sitting in my office for months.  It was fun to paint on a few of them!  Jack won't admit it, but he had a lot of fun, too. : )
The picture on the bottom right is of a couple more of my swimmers.  They are both powerlifters in the off season.  It was amazing so see them lift some super-heavy weights!

And with that--I am completely caught up!




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