Thursday, February 12, 2015


(photo found here)
TIME: 8:36 am
LOCATION : family room
FEELING: excited, nervous, hopeful, ready
LOVING : today's sunshine
READING : The Wives of Los Alamos 
DRINKING : water, go-juice, club soda, and the occasional Diet Coke
ANTICIPATING : Saturday night's Valentine's dinner at Amy's
LISTENING TO : Pandora, ESPN radio
WATCHING : Better Call Saul, Blacklist, Parks and Recreation, and Game of Thrones on DVD 
PLANNING : my summer season
LOOKING FORWARD TO : picking up Emily in Madison later today
CREATING :  my Paris scrapbook (finally!)
NEED TO FINISH : writing thank yous.  I am behind.
WISHING : that I could wiggle my nose and the house would be spotless.
MAIN GOAL : today-clear out Maddie's stuff from Emily's room so she will have a place to sleep tonight.

What are you "CURRENTLY" doing? 

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