Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

Howdy Friends!
Holy cow!  We had sooo much fun at yesterday's Hoedown!  There was plenty of sunshine and good food and laughter and all kinds of dancing. 
Somehow I ended up being the bartender and I swear I made 852 frozen margaritas.  I got tons of compliments on my little burlap & mason jar centerpieces and at least 52 of the guests told me that it was so cute that I matched the table clothes (every woman's secret wish)!
Most people came dressed up for the party, but no one was cuter than Tommy in his little cowboy hat.  He's so adorable!
 John did an awesome job teaching and calling the dances:
 I ended up dancing with pretty much everyone at one point or another, what with all the switching of partners and the doe-c-does and promenading and all.
Nobody danced more than my brother Tom.  It was so fun just watching him laugh and dance the whole time.
I was kind of worried that it would be too hot to dance, but we just kept pouring more ice over the drinks, and everyone kept dancing.
 In true Tom and Tommy fashion, there was an over-abundance of food:  ribs and chicken (they had 3 grills going!), and all the side dishes anyone could ever ask for.
I made another one of my (now) famous lemonade cakes garnished with fresh fruit.  It was a huge hit and disappeared in no time.
I loved every single moment of hoedown goodness.  Why don't we all folk dance more often?  It is a scientific fact that you can't help being happy when you're swinging your partner to and fro!
Thanks for the memories, Tom and Tommy!!


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