Friday, May 4, 2012

We Made a Little Magic

Hi Friends!

Sometimes, if you're very lucky, life turns out even better than you expected.  When that happens, it's kind of magical.  Friends, last night's Celebration of the Arts was nothing short of *magical*.  There were artists and dancers and singers and muscians and culinary artists.  It was so incredible to see all of the different talent on display.  I love, love, loved watching all the peformances and seeing young artists showing off their lovely creations.  The kids were all so excited.  The whole night just felt happy, and it doesn't get much better than that.

The gym was filled with art from several different categories, including painting & drawing, recycled art (art made from recycled materials), 3D sculpture and photography.  Here are just a few of my favorites:
 Cute, cute, cute!  Speaking of cute, check out this owl:
 I never knew a dandelion could be this lovely:
 This entire piece was sculpted out of clay:
 And you know I love a fabulous mixed-media collage:
 I love the colors and the little bit of sparkle on this one:
 And this one just makes me smile.  I love the sun:
 Check out this adorable mouse made out of recycled items:
 And I love Cray-Pas--the colors are so vibrant:
On the other side of the gym, dancers performed together and alone.  These two little cuties are my neighbors.  Their dance was so pretty:
 And these two ladies just grinned all night!  I loved their performance:
This young lady was GORGEOUS and her dance was unbelievably lovely:
Over in the library, young muscians performed for a packed house and young writers displayed stories and poems.  We had piano players, a couple violinists, a drummer, and vocalists.  There was NO shortage of beautiful music performed last night:
 In the cafeteria, baked and savory foods were sampled by young artists and parents, alike:
And throughout the school, my completely fabulous committee members passed out programs, introduced artists, and kept the food tables filled. 
I've worked on a whole lot of good committees, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed working with a group of women as much as I enjoyed these ladies.  We couldn't have done it without every single one of them!
What started as a little idea thrown out at a PTA meeting a couple of years ago turned into last night's magic.  I love when that happens!

Hooray for celebrating ART!




  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You all made such a memorable evening possible! WAY TO GO!

  2. enjoyed reading this. Great pictures with great memories you will have.