Friday, May 11, 2012

Love & Luck in a Bag

Hi Friends--

Guess what Emily is doing today:  taking her first AP (Advanced Placement) exam!  In the next 5 days, she'll take 3 of them:  AP European History, AP Biology, and AP Literature. She'll sit for three, 4-hour exams. For real.  If she gets a score of "4" or "5", she'll earn college credit.  As a sophomore!  She has been studying like a madwoman:  going through her study guides, taking notes from her notes, attending study sessions, and re-reading her textbooks.  Her brain is stuffed full of all kinds of facts.  I'm not sure how she does it.

If I could, I'd meet her at her testing site and cheerlead her through the exam, "Go, Emily!  You can do it, Emily!"  Unfortunately, they tend to frown upon that kind of behavior over at the high school.  Instead, I decided to make her a "Good Luck" bag stuffed with all the things she might need to get through her exams:  Kleenex (there's nothing more annoying than a runny nose during an exam), ibuprofen, pencils, blank journals to doodle in during breaks, a chapstick, and plenty of salty and sweet snacks.  Hopefully, all of her needs will be met with stuff in the bag.  I just want her to be able to focus on the exam.

Emily--no matter what your score is, I am already more proud of you than you'll ever know.  You are a rock star, girl!  Good Luck!  I know you can do it!




  1. ok, THIS JUST IN:
    I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!!!! You are such an amazing, compassionate, GENUINE, wonderful mama!
    Bless YOU and Happy Mother's DAY!

  2. Vicki- This made me tear up! It is so representive of who you are- nurturing, encouraging, up-beat, creative, action oriented..... I am so proud of your girl. Wish I'd been able to watch her grow up. Amazing-


  3. Everything all of the above stated and more. No wonder your kids are so awesome! Happy Mother's Day to my BFF! xoxo