Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life Update//May 14-20


Check out my *very* green and red layout this week.  I swear I do not plan to coordinate my pictures each week, but it certainly seems that way, doesn't it? : )  Because of my weird schedule last week, all of my pictures were taken on the weekend, and because it was gorgeous all weekend, they were all outdoor shots.  Hence, a whole lot of green.  : )
Not a lot of earth-shattering pictures this week.  Just simple shots from the weekend.  I did include a copy of an e-mail one of my students wrote me because it was just so darn awesome!  I also tried to capture the week in words where I didn't have pictures.
I'm already wondering what color next week's layout will be.  We've got a HUGE weekend planned--my mom's retirement dinner on Saturday, an old-fashioned hoedown on Sunday, and Emily will march in the Memorial Day parade on Monday morning.  I'm pretty sure I'll need an insert for next week.  : )  I'm more-than-a-little giddy about that hoedown.  I haven't done any square dancing in 20 years.  Check out the AWESOME invite Christy designed (love it):
Can't wait!




  1. You are going to have SUCH a fun weekend!!!! I am beyond excited to see pictures from it ... perhaps a red, white and blue colored theme?! maybe!? :)
    Your albums are the CATS PAJAMAS!!! Not. Even. Kidding.
    You ROCK girl!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love the colors of your pages and how the came you--perfectly not planned ;0) Love the swim clipboard--so cool.