Monday, September 12, 2011

Clipboard Party!

Hi Friends!

Yahoo!!  The big NHS Swim and Dive clipboard-making party was a huge success!  I tell you what, there were swimmers everywhere on Saturday, and it was awesome!  I've hosted quite a few clipboard making parties over the years, but never one this big.  The secret to this party's success was laying out as many supplies as possible ahead of time and then just letting the girls go at it.  

They had fun picking out words and ribbons and buttons to make their boards.  In between, they hung out on the trampoline and ate sub sandwiches.

I love this picture of Jack with a few of my sophomores.  In a few years he'll probably wonder why he was paying more attention to his ipod than the lovely ladies sitting next to him at the table.  : )

I'm pretty sure Coach Shandonay was more excited than anyone about making her own clipboard.  She worked so hard on hers!! 

Isn't it cute:

Here's a couple of my favorites:

I love how these boards capture each girl's personality.  And I love how a couple of the girls made clipboards for their moms or as gifts:

Aren't they all fabulous?

I've done clipboard parties with kids as young as 5 and with adults, too.  I keep a couple of zip-lock bags full of cut-out magazine words on hand just in case.  I buy old magazines at thrift stores and cut them up while I'm watching TV.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough teenager-ish words to fill so many clipboards, but they each managed to find plenty to cover their boards from what I had on hand.  I've hosted parties where I told the guests to bring old magazines to cut up, and a couple of times I've made a rule that you could only cut out words for the other people in the group.  I think those are my favorite clipboards because the words were picked for me.  Total cost for each clipboard:  under $3, including board, misc. buttons, ribbons and ModPodge.  What a deal!



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