Friday, September 23, 2011


Hi Friends--

This is going to be short and sweet because I have about zero time between now and next Tuesday.  : )  It's Homecoming weekend at Neenah High School and that means non-stop action from now until Sunday.  Twenty years after I marched with the band in my own Homecoming parades, I will be walking with the Neenah Swim Team in theirs.  I'm actually pretty excited about walking the parade.  As a band member, I was always busy playing during the parade route.  I didn't really get a chance to take things in and look at the crowd.  Not so this year!  I bought 8 pounds of candy this morning, and I intend to find each and every cute Little Rocket along the route and shower them with sugar.  After the parade, I will run home to have dinner with my parents who have come up to join in in all the excitement (yay!!), and then head over to watch Emily march in the half-time show.  Tomorrow morning, we will all head to the pool for our huge Neenah Invite where I will coach and Emily will swim.  Then it's back home to have 15 of Emily's friends over to get ready for the dance.  Wait until you see Emily in her dress and strappy silver shoes!  After pictures in the backyard, we will drop them off for dinner and then pick them up and take them to the dance.  And yes, I have volunteered my mom to help carpool kids tonight (some things never change!!).  If we survive all of this, I have a nice, quiet brunch planned for Sunday morning.  : )

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with fun, too!



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