Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scenes from Homecoming 2011

Hi Friends!
Well, Neenah Homecoming 2011 is in the books.  I loved every crazy, hectic, fabulous moment of the weekend!  The rain managed to stop just in time for the start of the parade on Friday afternoon and then stayed away until everyone was back home from the dance early Sunday morning. 

The Homecoming weekend kicked off with a parade through downtown.  I've got tell you--I love, love, loved being in the parade with my swimmers!  Any time I get to spend with them outside of the pool is a bonus--they are so much fun!  As coaches, we got to ride in the back of the truck, while the upperclassmen rode in the float.  Sophomores and Freshmen had to walk the route. : )

I spent the whole route waving and cheering and throwing candy to little kids.  It was the BEST!

Aren't my swimmers adorable?!?
While I was with the swim team, Emily was busy playing in the marching band.  I never thought we'd be marching in the same parade together in different groups!

Here she is, playing the school song before the parade started:

I was in the marching band in high school, too.  So many of my very favorite memories are of parades and concerts and halftime shows at football games.

Maddie and her friends put on all their red, white, and black and watched the parade go by.  Next year, she'll be on the swim team with Emily.  Then they'll be 3 Terlaps in the Homecoming parade!

After the parade, it was off to the high school for the big game.  Emily asked me to take as many pictures of the band as I could.  Good thing that band kids are always willing to pose for pictures!

Neenah ended up winning the game, but Emily didn't stay for the whole thing.  She came home after the halftime show to crash after her long day.

The next morning we were up bright and early to be on the pool deck by 8 am.  Eleven teams swam in the Neenah Invitational, and Emily got best times in all four of her events! Yahoo!  Here she is before her 100 Back:

And see that high elbow in Lane 2?  That's my girl!  : )

The meet ended at 4, and at 5 pm, Emily's friends showed up at our house to get ready for the dance.  There were girls and flat irons and lipsticks and hairspray everywhere.  It was crazy-fun.

Maddie helped one of Emily's friends with her hair, and Emily's friend, Hailey, braided Emily's hair.  I ran around taking pictures.  I adore Emily's group of friends--they are kind, fun and so supportive of each other.  I loved getting to watch a little part of their preparations.  I even lent out some of my jewelry.  : )

Are you ready for the final results?  Taa-Daa!!! 

Aren't they gorgeous...and don't they look grown-up????

The boys (and all of their parents!!) showed up for pre-dinner pictures.  There must have been 40 people in our backyard!  It definitely had a "paparazzi" feel to it.  : )

Here's the group together:

None of them went as dates--these kids are all more like siblings to each other.  They've all been together in the same magnet program for forever (although Emily does have a little crush on one of the guys.  Can you guess which one?)

One of the best parts of the weekend is that my mom and dad were here for all the festivities.  It meant so much to Emily to have them at her swim meet and see her all gorgeous before the dance.

I love these candid pictures:

Hooray for a fabulous weekend, and for having a happy, lovely high school daughter.



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  1. Awesome share...loved every single photo and makes me think of the girls when they get older. Hope all the girlies want to come to our house, too!