Thursday, September 29, 2011

Will Work for Gummy Bears

Hi Friends!

So most of you know by now that I coach high school swimming.  For the most part, my girls are incredibly self-motivated and extremely competitive.  And I've found that if you throw in a little bag of gummy bears, they'll work even harder.  Such was the case with the "6 Minute Plank Club."  Have you ever done a plank?  They're pretty tough.  Go ahead, feel free to drop on down to the floor and hold a plank for 30 seconds.  It's not easy.  This summer, I put together a 6 minute continuous plank set and challenged my swimmers to get in the 6 Minute Club.  It took some of them most of the summer, but eventually, every swimmer made it into the club.  When I started at the high school this fall, I challenged my girls to get in the club, too.  I am completely proud to say that each and every girl on my team, 31 in all, have made it into the 6 Minute Club.  In fact, some of them made it on the first try.  They are just that tough.  I told the girls at the first practice that if they made it on the first day, I'd bring them a prize.  Of course, in my wildest dreams I never thought anyone would be able to do it on the first try.  Well, three girls did it.  So they got gummy bears.  You know what happens when 3 girls get gummy bears?  Yup.  Everyone else wants them too.  : )  One-by--one, they each worked to get in the club and get their own bags of colorful, squishy bears.  

Go figure.

I'm trying to decide if there's anything that I would do a 6 minute plank set for.  I really can't come up with anything.  : )  What about you?