Friday, September 2, 2011

A Little Extra Love in the Love Shack Tonight!

Hey Friends~

Woo Hoo!!  Christy and Michael are coming up for the weekend, and the whole Terlap clan couldn't be more excited!  I am beyond thrilled about having them up here, especially since we don't have any scheduled plans!  Not a single plan.  I'm giddy.  Usually when we are all together we are knee-deep in the middle of some huge event.  Not this weekend.  This weekend we're just going to relax together.   I'm picturing lazy mornings on the deck and plenty of time to talk about the wedding!  (Less than a year away now!!).

My friend, Monika, mentioned that she wants to hang a "Love Shack" sign outside her house, which of course made me giggle since I happen to have a "Love Shack" sign in a pot outside my front door.  I'd like to think that our house is a "Love Shack."  And this weekend, the Shack is going to have some extra love with Christy and Michael here!




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  1. You're too you just know that I'm going to have to make one just like that. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Glad to know that love lives in your home, too. Do your kids still get grossed out when you and the hubs hug and kiss in front of them? Zach used to say, "You know I'm sitting right over here, don't you?" But, in my heart, I think he thought it was cute and hopefully we've set a good example of how great love is after 13 years!

    Have a fun and safe long weekend!