Saturday, April 14, 2012

Antiquing With Dad

Hi Friends!

Check out that picture of me and my fabulous dad!  He came up this weekend so we could go antiquing together.  Big Brothers/Big Sisters hosts a huge antique sale every April, and this was the big weekend.  Dad and I love to go and hunt for treasures together;  he's my favorite antiquing partner.  We collect completely different things, but that's okay;  at least we don't have to compete against each other when we see something we like.  : )  Dad likes to find special treasures in hiding in glass cases.  He owns a huge collection of page turners.  He also likes anything sterling silver or pewter.

I collect Bauer pottery, old spools of thread, and anything that's colorful and catches my eye.  I loved this little pail, but not $140 worth of love.
I also collect old paper and photographs.  I always wonder how people's beloved family portraits end up at an antiques fair the middle of Wisconsin
 I am a sucker for anything aqua or turquoise.  I loved this set of Pyrex, but it was $179.  I had to leave it where I found it.
I thought this little push helicopter was adorable:
But not as cute as the owl on this can of nutmeg.
 I really wanted this vintage Kleenex display.  I loved that her dress was made out of a Kleenex.  John's company, Kimberly-Clark, makes Kleenex.  Unfortunately, she was $45, and I thought that was a little too much.
Dad ended up with a couple of treasures, including something he picked out for Father's Day from John, the kids, and I.  I know it's early, but I'd rather have him choose something he likes than have to pick something out on my own in June.  I ended up spending a grand total of $6 on myself for these beauties which I am going to add to my collection:
I love old ornaments, don't you?

I'm off to make some homemade pizza for dinner!



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