Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life Update #3

 Hi Friends!

I've been cruisin' on my Project Life layouts~I'm almost caught up!  I am having so much fun doing this!  I'm definitely glad I took the plunge!
Pictures and thoughts from the women's conference ended up taking up a whole page.  Amy and I had so much fun that weekend.  I'm still laughing at some of the things that happened!
After I posted my first layouts here on the blog, Maddie pointed out that she wasn't even part of my Project Life yet.  Just when you think they aren't paying attention!  : )

 I've noticed that some weeks I have a whole big bunch to say, and other weeks I have a hard time filling all the slots.  I guess that's kind of like real life, huh?

I've also noticed that I'm taking a whole bunch more pictures.  I like that this project makes me capture little things that I might have ignored before.
I've asked Emily to write about her trip to Chicago with the Drama Club on that blank card.  I like the thought of having everyone in the family contribute to this album.  Hooray for Project Life!




  1. wow! This post made me want to scrapbook again! great job!

    1. I felt the exact same thing when I was looking at other people's Project Life books! Next thing you know you'll be starting your own! : )