Monday, April 16, 2012

Project Life Update

Hello There!
I am *officially* all caught up on my Project Life album--yahoo!   From here on out, I'll be focusing on just the goodness of the current week, and I'll only be doing an update once a week.  I'm kind of in love with these last three layouts.  I think I might be hitting my stride with this project. 
 I loved that John responded to my Love/Hate blog, so I printed out both of our answers and put them in the book.
 Spring Break and Easter happened in the same week around here, so I had an abundance of photos.  I decided to do a little insert of just the Easter pictures. 

 Here's an up-close shot of the Easter insert:

 I love when there is a nice similar color pallet for the photos of the week. Last week there was a whole lot of red for some reason:

Aren't those trampoline photos of Jack amazing?  John took them.  We are loving our new camera--and we haven't even come close to tapping into its full potential.  I'm hoping to take a photography class this summer at the Tech.  One of the things I love about Project Life is that it forces me to take more photos.  I am having a blast capturing all of life's big and small adventures!

Want to learn more about Project Life?  Check it out here.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. awesome pages!!! Love how you added the washi tape to the journaling cards on the top layout, makes it look so color cordinated, great idea!!!

  2. these are awesome, I love all the pages :)

  3. Such fun pages. Buster is cute. Love that the kids play Hunger Games--great shots of them and I wish we had a trampoline. Might have to takes down the swing set and put one up soon.

  4. Love how you included the Big Bang Theory logo! Nice pages!