Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am Weird

Another list.  Enjoy.

1.  I collect old wooden spools of thread, but I do not know how to sew.
2.  I can not eat anything that looks even slightly runny, like sunny-side-up eggs or custard.
3.  I never look at the author's picture until after I finish the book.
4.  I get mad if the author's picture is on the back cover.
5.  I love to take pictures of people, but I hate to get my picture taken.
6.  I only check my voicemail about once a week.  If that.
7.  I really don't like wearing shoes.
8.  I am awesome at sweating.
9.  I have conversations with Buster, and I feel free to answer on his behalf.
10.  I love anchovies.
11.  I listen to ESPN all the time in my car.
12.  I laugh when I see people fall down--but only if they are okay.
13.  I also laugh when I get scared on roller coasters.
14.  I hate socks even more than shoes.
15.  I really, really wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when I was younger.
16.  Mushy things gross me out, especially cookie dunking.
17.  The Star Spangled Banner chokes me up.  Every time.
18.  I love quarters.
19.  Nothing freaks me out more than swimming into a hairball or a used Band-Aid.
20.  I hate writing in pencil.



1 comment:

  1. I love writing in pencil. I'll give you my pens. ;) Great list!!!