Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Incomplete List of Things My Parents Told Me That May or May Not Be True

Hi Friends!

Yesterday I woke up with a pimple on my nose. The first thing I thought was, "When did I tell a lie?"  Seriously. There is so much wrong with those two sentences.  First of all, what is up with pimples after 40?  In the scope of life, I'd have to say that pimples after 40 definitely leans on the "not fair" side.  Secondly, the fact that I still equate pimples on my nose with telling a lie speaks volumes about what my parents taught me as a child.  They seriously told me that if I told a lie, it would show up on my nose.  And obviously I believed them, because I still pause every time I see a spot on my nose and review my recent behavior.

Now, don't get me wrong;  my parents taught me all kinds of good things about life--they taught me how to be a good person and to believe in myself.  However, a few of the things they said still make me pause to consider whether they are right or wrong.

1.  I am a princess.  Turns out this is false.
2.  Sisters are forever.  True.
3.  I am lucky to have a big brother like Tom.  True.
4.  It's got to hurt a little to be beautiful.  Unfortunately, true.
5.  It never hurts to polish the apple.  True.
6.  If I don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.  True.
7.  294 is the worst, most dangerous expressway in the world.  False:  285 around Atlanta is worse.
8.  Thank you notes are important.  True.
9.  Brussels sprouts, lima beans, and spinach souffle are good for me.  False. Nothing that gross can have redeeming qualities.
10. Someday you'll thank me for this.  True
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the (true & false) lessons you taught me!




  1. My list:
    - if you cross your eyes, they'll stay that way!
    (waiting to see if this happens one of these days when I make a stilly face! ha!)

    - sitting too close to the tv will make you go blind!
    (not sure if this is true, but i tell it to people all the time!)

    - ALWAYS say please and thank you! (SO TRUE!)

    - ALWAYS, i repeat ALWAYS pee before you leave the house! (AMEN! ALLELUIA!)
    ** your blog is the highlight of my day!

    1. Oh, yes! We heard the eyes-crossed thing, and the too-close-to-the-TV thing, too! And God forbid if you had to go to the bathroom on a trip! I got really good at holding it! You are the best!! XOXO

  2. this list and idea!! I so agree about Brussels sprouts and lime beans... but I love raw spinach..yum :) I extra agree with you on #4 & #8

    1. Raw spinach=my true love.

      Spinach all mushed up and creamed and then baked until an unknown "skin" forms over it = grossest veggie ever! : )