Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi Friends!

Happy Monday!  Did you have a super weekend?  We sure did!  Friday night I took the kids to see "Elf", the Broadway musical.  It was good--but I've got to be honest, 4/4 Terlaps think the movie is better.  It's hard to beat Will Farrel as Buddy.  It was fun to get all gussied-up and go to the theater, though.  And there was a bell scene that was awesome. 

Saturday the girls and I worked at the craft fair all day.  We actually did very well--our goal was to sell off some of the stock we made last year, and make more than it cost to rent a space.  Check and check.  I think that may be my last craft fair.  I definitely like going to craft fairs more than working at craft fairs.  : )

Saturday night we had a family games night and included Emily's new boyfriend, Greg.  We taught him how to play "Dirty Hearts," and ate lasagna.  I think it was a success.  I am having a hard time believing I am old enough to have a daughter who is old enough to have a boyfriend.  I'm not sure how that happened.

Today I took Buster for his first walk since his knee injury.  It was kind of awesome to see him out there enjoying the neighborhood again.  He used all four paws unless he was in a hurry to get somewhere, then he did a little 3-legged jump/skip thing.  He is currently sacked out by my chair.  The walk totally tuckered the guy out.  He will probably sleep the day away.

John is off this week and is currently painting the last section of my new wall of shelves.  I can't wait to show you the final result--they are completely awesome!!  He did a fantastic job on them!!

Tonight is our formal banquet for swim team.  I am terrible at endings, so I'm just hoping that I get through it without crying.  Wish me luck!

Have a fabulous Monday, friends!




  1. I thinks its kinda neat that he used all four legs to walk yet used 3 to run. Its like he knows to take it easy just like we would do for ourselves after knee surgery. Have a happy Thanks giving!!!

  2. Fair warning: You probably will not get through the banquet without crying. I'll bring the Kleenex, Coach.